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Become Pain Free!

Join over 7,000 people who have conquered debilitating pain and are able to enjoy an active life again.
Does debilitating pain keep you from doing things you enjoy?
We provide alternatives for people with bone, joint, muscle or other pain due to injuries or chronic misuse. Our treatments are customized for your personal needs. Treatment plans are developed to reduce pain and increase movement and mobility without medication or surgery. If you’re tired of living with chronic pain or want to prevent future problems from developing, come talk to us and we’ll show you all the possibilities.
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Life is Too Short to Live in Pain!

How does your current life stack up to the life you really want to live?

We will help you discover the source and cause of your pain. We will help you get rid of it before it becomes worse.

Living in pain can cause a loss of passion in your life. Persistent pain leads to fatigue and lack of patience with friends, co-workers or your loved ones.

Physical health issues tend to progress and lead to more frequent pain, physical limitations, permanent damage, and emotional distress.

Don’t let pain and injury prevent you from enjoying your life and the activities you enjoy. Let us help you make a change and bring the REAL YOU back to life.

We Care About Your Long-Term Health & Wellness

Does your current life stack up to the life you really want to live?

You may have been told you just have to deal with this pain. You may have been told that the only way to find relief is to have surgery or to take pain medicines.

We have experienced the same in our lives. Experiences where we felt like there wasn’t an answer to our health concerns. There is an alternative.

We pay close attention to your experience of pain, the timing, the duration and any factors that have made it better or worse.

We want you to be comfortable and able to work and play and enjoy the day!


Here’s how simple it is to start:

1.) INITIAL CONSULTATION – On your initial visit we will review your medical history and reports or test results in order to discuss your current problem.

2.) EXAMINATION & DIAGNOSIS – At your first visit we will perform a thorough examination to confirm your problem and gain a better understanding of the root cause.

3.) TREATMENT – In the first visit we begin the treatment process.

You don’t need to live like this anymore. Make a change.

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Here’s how simple it is to start:

Typical short-term care plan:

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To put this risk into perspective, if you drive more than a mile to get to your chiropractic appointment, you are at greater risk of serious injury from a car accident than from your chiropractic visit: American Chiropractic Association.

An easy 30 minute Doctor/Patient consultation takes the worry out doing the right things to get relief from your pain.

Come talk to us and we’ll show you all the possibilities. You won’t regret you did.


I am amazed that I am able to attend the golf tournament today. Last week I could barely walk and if I waited to get in I wouldn’t have been seen until today.

– Allan Barbell

My headaches and dizziness are much better and Dr. Weaver diagnosed and has given me treatments to manage my inner ear symptoms. Can’t believe other doctors missed this.

– Dave Barnard

My severe head injury gave me debilitating symptoms. With the help of Dr. Weaver, I am living a normal thriving life!

– Erin Prince

Dr. Michael Parke, primary care physician and Director at St. Mary’s, had this to say about our practice:

Integrative Chiropractic Center is a trusted resource for helping my patients.