Chiropractic FAQs

What Conditions are treated?

At Integrative Chiropractic Center, we specialize in the treatment of many musculoskeletal conditions, including:

How are These Conditions Treated?

Treatment of musculoskeletal conditions relieves pain and improves function by restoring joint mobility, improving strength and flexibility through hands-on rehabilitation, and addressing chronic soft tissue restrictions.

Chiropractic Manipulation releases joint restrictions to restore normal range of motion. Restrictions cause friction and increased stress on the normal joint function. This increased friction will cause inflammation and/or wear and tear of the joints.

Repeated episodes often lead to chronic problems which can affect the surrounding structures such as joint capsules, ligaments and muscles, may cause the onset of osteoarthritis and, most noticeably, result in pain.

Chiropractic Manipulation Technique, in conjunction with our other treatment methods, is a very effective way of alleviating these types of restrictions and preventing further problems.

Soft Tissue Manipulation is a hands-on therapy that corrects muscular and soft tissue problems caused by the formation of adhesive tissues that are created due to overuse or cumulative trauma.

Cumulative trauma and overuse of soft tissue causes Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI). The incidence of RSI’s is skyrocketing. Recently, the health care costs for RSI in the U.S. surpassed costs for low back pain as the largest health care expenditure.

The combination of Chiropractic Manipulation and soft tissue treatment, work as a 1-2 punch in eliminating pain and restoring your ability to perform at home, at work and in sports.

Dr. Chow and Dr. Weaver also use passive modalities including electrical stimulation, ultrasound, cold laser therapy, and moist heat to reduce pain & inflammation, increase blood flow, stop muscle spasm, and promote healing.condition.

The treatment of musculoskeletal ailments most often does not conclude at the end of your appointment. The doctors will recommend exercises to be performed at home, address lifestyle and environmental causes of your condition, and may occasionally recommend products, such as custom-fit foot orthotics, to aid in the elimination of your condition.

The goal of these rehabilitative therapies is to increase strength, flexibility and balance. A strong, healthy human frame is far less susceptible to a reemergence of your condition.

When one has a herniation or disc-related injury that causes pain and disability severe enough to inhibit regular life activities such as work, family life, sports, etc, treatment becomes a necessity. Traditionally those treatment options are physical medicine (Chiropractic, PT), use of pain medicines, and interventional procedures including steroid injections into the spine, or even spinal surgery.

Naturally, most people don’t like a lot of these options. Pain medicines have side effects and can be addictive; whereas, surgery carries very real risks and doesn’t always work.

The new alternative is Spinal Decompression. Here’s the idea: The patient is positioned on the table and belts are attached to the patient to hold them into place. A computerized motor attached to the belt gradually applies an increasing pulling force, causing a “distracting” (e.g., pulling) force upon the spine. This controlled force is able to cause a negative amount of pressure within the disc in the back, and the aim is to suck some of the extruded disc material back into the disc. Imagine when you’re applying toothpaste to your toothbrush – when you stop squeezing the tube, the last bit of toothpaste gets sucked back in. That’s exactly the goal of this therapy.

This modality of treatment is FDA approved and is used by chiropractors, PTs, orthopedists, physiatrists, and many other types of doctors. This treatment is safe and as close to side effect free as you will find in any type of therapy. Depending upon the type and severity of one’s condition, treatment may range anywhere from 6 to 18 visits.

The Integrative Chiropractic Center is co-directed by Dr. Timothy W. Chow and Dr. Ryan Weaver. They personally provide comprehensive Chiropractic medical care to individuals of all ages.

The goal of the Integrative Chiropractic Center is to provide cutting-edge Chiropractic care with a continuous emphasis on prevention and early detection of Chiropractic challenges.

Integrative Chiropractic Center offers Chiropractic Treatment, Rehabilitation, Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression and Support Devices.

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