What is Whole Body Cryotherapy?

whole body cryotherapy

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Whole-Body Cryotherapy is a type of cryogenic therapy. Cryotherapy itself can be defined as “Cold Therapy.” This type of therapy is also explained as a “super-cooling” therapeutic process for the body. Cryotherapy is described as the entire body being exposed to an ultra cooling environment created by a cryogenic chamber that relieves pain and gives those that use it increased energy. A cryogenic chamber ensures appropriate treatment while controlling the temperature and humidity of the entire chamber while in use. Full-body cryotherapy happens when the whole body is exposed to ultra-low temperature vapors for only a couple of minutes. The chamber where the cryotherapy takes place has temperatures ranging from minus 200 to minus 300 degrees.

Throughout recent years this form of therapy has started to show up all over the world. Usually, your head is exposed to a room-temperature environment while the shoulder height chambers enclose the rest of your body, exposing you to the below-freezing temperatures. Although, there are a few chambers that do enclose the entire body. The whole treatment lasts about 2 to 4 minutes, but a lot of benefits can happen within the time of use.

Total body cryotherapy stimulates the body’s natural healing abilities using the cold vapor to induce responses of the circulatory system, the energy meridians, and the nervous system. The treatment focuses on pain such as sports injuries, rheumatoid arthritis, and different skin conditions. During the entire total body cryotherapy session, the body releases endorphins which are known as feel-good hormones that leave someone feeling energized after their treatment. Therefore there are multiple mental and physical benefits of using a whole-body cryogenic chamber.

Full-Body Cryotherapy enhances the release of serotonin which is also known as the “feel-good” hormone, as well as decreases the stress hormone cortisol. Using cryotherapy when stressed will ultimately lead to a sense of release from the stressors in your body. Therefore, those with anxiety and depression have seen benefits from using cryotherapy. This is a safe and natural way to boost the mood and leave users feeling energized. Adenosine Triphosphate or otherwise known as ATP, is necessary for just about every physiological function of the body. When the body has elevated levels of ATP, it can lead to increased feelings of well-being and mood. Therefore, whole-body cryotherapy will help mental health and wellness.

To maximize the results, it is recommended that a person goes to five to ten treatments in close proximity to each other. Muscle and joint pain such as arthritis can be reduced by utilizing cryotherapy. The majority of the pain relief that whole-body cryotherapy helps with is from muscle and joint-related injuries. In addition, athletic injuries can heal faster from the cryogenic therapy process.

Whole-Body Cryotherapy is becoming more popular the longer it exists. From 2022-2028 there is an anticipated 9.1% growth rate within the Global Cryotherapy Market. Not only are there mental health benefits, but physical health benefits as well. The cold chamber can be daunting, but the outcome is what has people coming back. This is considered a natural therapeutic process and will help your muscles, joints, and mind.

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whole body cryotherapy

What is Whole Body Cryotherapy?

Whole-Body Cryotherapy is a type of cryogenic therapy. Cryotherapy itself can be defined as “Cold Therapy.” This type of therapy is also explained as a